Mobile Nail Technician in Flitwick Pedicures by Lauren.

A pedicure treatment will be ever so relaxing and make you feel pampered and cared for.  So go ahead and treat yourself today!

Hi and welcome to my nail tech website. I’m a fully qualified nail technician offering pedicure, manicure and gel nail treatments to my clients in the Ampthill and Flitwick area.

The easiest way for you to contact me would be by text to 07701032760 or email and I’ll get right back to you.

My Pedicure Treatment For You

Pedicure using quality Kaeso products.

To begin your pedicure I’ll soak your feet for about 5 minutes in a lovely warm foot spa.  Then I will ask you to remove one foot, place it on my knee and I will start filing, trimming your toe nails to a nice shape and length.

The next stage will be to carry out the relaxing exfoliation to remove and dry, dead skin from the foot.  After exfoliating I will apply a small amount of cuticle remover to each toe and then begin to gently push back the cuticles. I will then ask you to place your foot back into foot spa to remove any excess product.  This process will then be repeated for the other foot.

After drying your feet I will begin to apply a luxury intense foot mask with menthol and peppermint.  This is specially formulated to lock in moisture and reveal dry, hard skin.  The cooling sensation will leave your skin feeling refreshed and energised and your feet are left feeling soft, moisturised.

After the foot mask I will then begin gently massaging your foot and lower leg for about ten minutes on both feet while u just sit back and relax.  This will help take the day to day stress away from your feet and leave you feeling relaxed.
Finally I will apply your chosen colour to complete your beautiful manicured nails.

Contact me today to arrange your pedicure treatment in Ampthill and Flitwick area.

I can also provide mobile service for manicure and pedicure treatments in Maulden, Silsoe and Flitton areas.

Thanks for visiting.

Lauren- Elegance Nails